Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chicken Coop Gets an Upgrade!

This past week our friend, Jake, came out to help us get some things done around the property. We have been feeling pretty overwhelmed  lately because we have a few big things to try and get done before the snow flies. Stack those things on top of trying to keep up with the inside of our house (oh hell.... it will never be as clean or as tidy as we'd like it to be), and it's just made us a little.... well, overwhelmed.

So not only did Jake come baring gifts of various meats from his homestead that he processed recently (thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!), but he toted along all of his awesome tools to help us get our chicken coop secured, roofed, and just... better.


Better roof structure!

More perches!

I just like this picture. :)

And I forgot to take photos of the completed job until.... just now. So our chickens are all perched and sleeping, and there's a terrible glare on the front door of the coop, but oh well. You get the picture. And I'll take better photos tomorrow! 

Metal roof? Check!

Profile view? Check! :P

Now all we have to do is hook up a little heat lamp in case it gets cold out there in the winter, but we've decided not to use a light to increase egg-laying. We want to do things as naturally as possible, so..... yep! 

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