Friday, November 8, 2013

Our First Rabbit Pt. 2

WARNING: This post, as with the previous post, will contain graphic content including photographs. If you cannot handle the sight of blood and guts, I highly recommend that you skip to the next post, which will not contain blood and guts. :)

So at this point the pelt was gone, and it was time to clean the rabbit and prepare him for the crock-pot. I won't go into extreme detail here because really, there isn't much to tell: we removed the guts. That's about it.

But I will include some photos of the process because as I watched Ryan remove the rabbit's organs, it truly fascinated me! It was so much less bloody and less messy than I had imagined it would be!

I did not realize just how big his intestines would be:

I mean.... WOW!!

I was also surprised that all of the innards pretty much came out in one "unit..." The sunlight hit them as Ryan removed them, and I had to take a photo because honestly.... they looked beautiful!

This is the rabbit with his boots still on... Reminds me a little bit of a poodle... 

And the rabbit's liver, which we lovingly gave to our old dog, Cholla. He swallowed it whole.

After removing everything, I helped Ryan quarter the rabbit and prepare the pelt for smoking, which we can't do right now because we don't actually have a smoker yet. We need to look up how to build one out of stones or something for now. So the pelt (and the head) are wrapped up and in our chest freezer until we are able to properly prepare it. And when that happens..... there will be a post about it! Yay!!

The results of today were very good. In addition to learning something new, and proving to myself that I am actually very capable of slaughtering (that word always sounds so violent though) and processing smallish game, we also ended up with a quite delicious rabbit roast! Hooray for success!!

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